Rental Details

Rental details can be accessed through the dashboard by clicking on Active Rentals, on the Rentals tab of a specific hardware, or on the Rentals section of a particular user. When you view the Rental details screen, you'll see:

  • A map of where the rental took place

    • For systems that support tracking, you'll get a view of where the user has taken the hardware (represented by a red line on the map).

    • If you have enabled the Enable User Device GPS Usage setting, you will also have access to the user's GPS data, which is represented by a yellow line on the map. This feature is particularly useful for hardware that does not support GPS.

  • The hardware number.

  • The user associated with the rental.

  • Start and end point of rental.

  • Duration of the rental (start and end timestamps).

  • User rating for the rental (between 1 and 5 stars).

  • Total Distance travelled (for systems that support tracking).

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