The Batteries hardware type is designed to help system administrators keep track of the batteries assigned to locks or other hardware. This tracking aids in understanding the lifespan of each battery.

Currently, this hardware type is for administrative purposes only and does not impact rentals or the behavior of other hardware.

To view the Batteries list, click on "Hardware" on the left side of the dashboard. This will display a list of all your hardware, including batteries. To filter and view only the batteries, click on the "Batteries" filter.

In the upper right-hand corner, you can add a new battery by clicking the "+ Add" button. If you need to add batteries in bulk, click on "Import" from the three-dot menu next to the "Buy" button to upload a CSV file.

When adding a new battery to the system, you can assign a label for easy identification and select its hardware state, both of which can be updated at any time.

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