System Admins

Under the System Admins section, you'll be given an overview of all the system users who have some form of access to your system. An admin user may be responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of the Movatic system. Clicking any individual name will display the list of credentials they are given, with the option to modify them. From this view, you're able to view current system admins, add a new one, or export the current list of Admins.

Add an Admin

To create a new admin, go to Settings > System Admins, click the + Add button to the right of the tab.

Fill out the form and include the first name, last name, and email.

For emails, any email domains are acceptable as long as it is valid. Example:

The Admin Permissions are up to the discretion of what you want each admin to have access to. Admin permissions will determine the pages a user has access to and what information they can modify on the site. By default, the Admin Permission is selected. If you would like to change any permissions, deselect this option first.

  1. Admin: Ability to create other admin users.

  2. Users: Permission to access and manage users tab.

  3. Rentals: Permission to view rental details.

  4. Hardware: Permission to create or edit hardware.

  5. Locations: Permission to create or edit locations.

  6. Customer Support: Permission to manage support tickets.

  7. Maintenance: Permission to manage maintenance tickets and maintenance logs.

  8. Memberships: Permission to create and/or manage memberships.

  9. Rates: Permission to create, archive, or edit rates.

  10. Refunds: Permission to issue refunds to users.

  11. Settings: Permission to edit and view settings.

If all permissions are disabled, the admin user will only be able to view the dashboard.

Upon submitting the form, the new admin will be officially added to the system like the screenshot above. An email will be sent to the new admin user to set their password. Once their password is set, they will be able to log in using their new credentials.

You can also click on an existing Admin user and update their existing permissions by clicking the Edit button and unticking the boxes as needed.


This area allows you to set notifications for an Admin user.

  1. Pending Users: Receive notifications for new pending users.

  • If this box is ticked, an Admin will receive an email alerting them that a user has attempted to join a membership and it is pending. From there, an Admin can access the dashboard and approve or reject the user.

  1. Problem Reports: Receive notifications for new problem reports submitted by user.

  • If this box is ticked, an Admin will receive an email alerting them a user has sent in a customer support ticket which can be accessed via that option in the dashboard.

As mentioned in the Support Summary, any admin who has the Admin Permissions checked will receive this report to their email. If you wish to unsubscribe yourself or others to these emails, you will need to uncheck that box.

Archive an Admin

If you need to remove an Admin's access entirely, you're able to do this via the archive function.

To do this, click on the System Admin account you'd like to remove.

At the top right-corner of the System Admin account page click the Archive button.

A pop up confirmation window will appear, click the Archive option to proceed with archiving the account.

Once archived, the account will no longer appear in the System Admins table, and will no longer have access to that system.

System Admins can change their first and last names in the About Me section. A new account must be created in order to update a system admin's email address. You can archive the account with the erroneous email address after the update.

If an Admin has access to multiple systems, you'll need to do it for each individual one. If you are a partner account, reach out to with the Admin's information and we'll update on our end.

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