The Rentals section includes 2 tabs: Active Rentals and Completed Rentals. Active Rentals will show you which users are using hardware in real-time, which can also be seen at a glance from the Dashboard section. Completed Rentals will show you a history of each user and their previous activity, from the specific piece of hardware they rented, to the start location/time and end location/time.

Each of these lists can be exported into CSV files for your records by clicking the Export button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

The Active Rentals tab.

Each active rental can be clicked on for additional information. New information will include a map of where the rental is taking place along with the start time. For systems that support tracking, you'll get a view of where the user has taken the hardware, represented by the line on the map.

You have the option to manually end a rental if necessary by clicking the End Rental button above the map.

With the search bar, you can filter your results by typing in the specific information you're looking for, along with the Filter Dates option above it, which will narrow down your specified time range.

The Completed Rentals tab.

Each individual rental can be clicked for additional information. New information will include a map of where the rental took place, the duration of the rental, and a user rating of that particular rental between 1 and 5 stars. Each rental also has a unique rental ID associated with it for every transaction which makes it unique for customer support convenience.

Rental details with a transaction will include transaction information below it, along with the option to issue refunds.