The Billing section displays an overview of all your financials including your total earnings, your account balance, the average charge and refund, and the total charges and refunds. Additionally, rentals, charges, and refunds can be looked at on a daily, monthly, or annual basis accompanied by a graph.

Any information from the additional tabs in billing can be exported into a CSV file for personal records by clicking the 'Export' button in the upper right hand side of each tab.

Our system supports over 100 currencies and the option to adjust the tax rate accordingly.

When you're finished, click the Save Changes button.

Setting Up Billing

To charge users for rentals, you'll select Enable Billing towards the bottom of the screen, as seen below:

Once Enable Billing is selected in the settings, the Billing tab will appear on your Dashboard.
  1. Now that billing has been enabled, a billing tab will be available in the Settings, where you can enter the required information to confirm your organization. Even for setting up a business, an individuals SSN will be required. This is not optional and is due to KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations.

  2. Once your identify has been verified, you'll be able to add bank account information. The bank account must support fund deposits and withdrawals.

  3. Once everything has been setup, funds will automatically be deposited to your bank account on a 7 day rolling basis.


Sample data of a billing overview.

Underneath the overview, you'll see the Rentals by Charge, Charges by Day, and Refunds by Day. Each of these categories are represented by an average and total amount on the left, with a graph to the right that can be displayed by month and year or displayed on a monthly and yearly scale.

You can hover your mouse over any of the individual bars to get specific information for that day.