The Dashboard is your home screen, which gives you a nice overview of key system details. At the top of your screen, you'll see any active rentals, total rentals to date, total users in the system, and available hardware. Each individual box can be clicked for additional details.

The map shows you all of your station locations as well as your system's zone boundaries if any have been established. Zones will be the parameters that bikes and scooters have to be parked within.

Zones do not apply to dock-based or rack-based systems. They only apply to free-floating systems where rentals aren't required to end at a dock.

You can expand or shrink the view by clicking the + or - sign. Additionally, you can click each location pin to see extra information about that station. You can see each station in list form by clicking the Locations tab.

The transparent shapes you see on this map indicates the system's zone boundaries.
The red lines you see on this map indicate the system's zone boundaries.

For scootershare systems, you'll see a Hardware Status table with a color code indicating the status of each piece of hardware for an easy at-a-glimpse overview. Hardware in the 'In Maintenance' or 'Low Battery' status aren't visible to users from the app.

The icons with a line underneath represent locations, while the regular circles represent hardware.

Below the map, you'll see the Rentals Per Day, New Users Per Day, and Duration of Rentals. Each of these categories are represented by an average and total amount on the left, with a graph to the right that can be displayed by month and year or displayed on a monthly and yearly scale.

You can hover your mouse over any of the individual bars to get specific information for that day.

You can change the display of the graphs by clicking the options in the top left and top right corners.