The Bikes section displays each individual bike in your system by its assigned bike number. You can see the status of the bike as well as the location. The Lock List tab displays the lock associated with each bike. In the upper right hand side, you also have the option to add new hardware by clicking the + Add button.

Each of these lists can be exported into CSV files for your records by clicking the Export button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

You can click on any individual bike to view additional settings. Check who rented the bike, what day and time it was rented, what support tickets are tied to the bike, and a list of historical maintenance information.

You can edit or retire a bike using the options in the upper right hand side. During a bike edit, you can modify the station it will be located at, the lock associated with it, the bike number, or the rental availability. After you've made any changes, click submit.