All hardware in your system will show up here and depending on the type will display information about the different types of hardware we support, such as bike lockers, bikes, scooters, kayaks, etc.
See below for an example of different types of systems:
Example of Bike System
Example of Bike Room System
Example of Bike Locker System
Example of Kayak System

Buy hardware

If your partner is Movatic, you'll be able to see a "Buy" button that links to our store where you can purchase hardware.
Regardless of the type of system - kayak, bikes, bike lockers, etc - you'll have this view if your partner is Movatic!
View without any hardware added
View with hardware added
For any hardware type, you'll be able to see the Rentals, Maintenance Tickets, and Maintenance Logs associated with that hardware once you've clicked into the hardware details.
Example of Rentals