AXA Locks

AXA Bike Security is part of Allegion (NYSE: ALLE) a global pioneer in the field of safety and security. These AXA locks have been integrated into our software platform that hundreds of bike fleets are using.
These locks have strong locking capabilities wherein a cable can be connected so that it will be safely secured on a dock. If you are interested in how easy it is to add in a lock, visit our Locks page here.

User Experience


During the rental process, the user will be asked to enter a bike number or will get to this screen via scanning a QR code. Once the rental starts, the app will transition to a "Searching for Bike" screen and it will ask the user to hold their phone close to the bike so that the Bluetooth can detect the lock and connect. The lock will make a loud noise as it attempts to unlock (As shown in the video below). When the unlock is successful, the user will see the Rental Started screen as shown here:


To lock the bike, the user will need to go back on the app and click "End Rental" > Hold their phone close to the bike > Click Lock and they will be prompted to a screen that will instruct them how to pull down the orange tab on the Axa Lock.
Locking Process on the app

Rental Process

Here are videos of the Axa lock unlocking and locking process during a normal rental.

In Rental Unlock Process

Here are videos of the Axa unlocking and locking during a rental. We offer this feature so that users can keep their rental ongoing but has the ability to secure their bike if they decide to make a stopover and be able to unlock and ride again.
If the locking process is successful, the app screen will display a green banner that says Lock was locked.