Feature List


• Rack-based locations • Dock-based locations • Store • Zone-based locations (e.g. parking zones, slow zones, service zones)
• Option to have system hidden until authorized • Members only systems • Time based authorization expiration • Custom authorization options (e.g. email, password, or admin authorization)


• Checkout and return • End rental location and lock status checks • Multiple rentals at one time with a set max number of rentals • Automated rental error reporting • Rental length warnings • Exportable data


• Fixed duration pricing (e.g. $40 a day) • On demand pricing (e.g. $.10 - $1 a min) • Free time per rental (e.g. 1st hr free for each rental) • Long term rental pricing, multi day week long rentals • Credit card and debit cards • Automatic fund deposit • Full or partial refunds • Email receipts • Exportable data for reconciliation • Wallet feature
• Limit access memberships: admin, email, or password authorization with the option to add an expiration • Monthly or annual pricing • Members only discounts • Create different membership options for employee vs guest access to member only systems • Easily create exclusive student sponsor or low income pricing

Users App

• Rental history • Simple sign up • Report system issues • QR code support • First time rider walk-through • Quick rental procedure
• Ban users • Respond to user-reported issues • Operational hours • Tiered admin access levels that restrict access based on admin roles
• In-app custom logos and colors • Branded emails • Customizable terms of service
• Global currency support • International language support


• Coupons • Engagement emails
• Users can easily report issues via the app • Respond to users issues with automatic communication logging • Escalate user reported issues into maintenance tickets
• Recurring tasks • Task and maintenance logging • Ticket assignment and management
• Unlock • Maintenance ticket and task recording (for BLE locks)
• App listing in the App Store and Play Store • Fully branded app to promote your brand • Ability to customize functionality