The Users section displays the name, phone number, email address, date joined, and membership status of each individual user in your system.
With the search bar, you can filter your results by typing in the specific information you're looking for.
Each individual name can be clicked for additional information, which will show any problems reported by their accounts, any memberships associated with them, the start date, end date, and hardware # associated with their rentals.
All of this data can be exported into a CSV file by clicking the Export button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
Example of User Page

User Information

When you click an individual user's name, it will display the name and number associated with their account, the app version they are using, the phone they're using the app on, and the date that they joined. On the upper right-hand side of the screen, you also have the option to ban a user by clicking the Ban button.
User Memberships displays what specific memberships a user is associated with, with the option to manually add memberships for them.
Example of User Information

Adding Users

There are 2 ways to add a user to your dashboard. You can add them in bulk by clicking on the Add via CSV file or you can add them individually by clicking on Add.
By clicking Add via CSV file, you are redirected to a page wherein you need to upload a csv file.
Example of CSV file
Before uploading your file, ensure that you have to correct format of your spreadsheet in the columns that indicate the firstName, lastName, phone, email, and cardID then download your spreadsheet as a CSV file.
Once you have uploaded the CSV, it should automatically add your users to your Users page as shown above.
By clicking Add, you are redirected to a page wherein you will need to fill out the user details. Once you hit Submit, the user will immediately be added to your system.

Banning a User

If you choose to ban a user for any reason, your system will be unusable to them. Once they're banned, you'll be given the option to unban them anytime you decide, which will be available in place of the ban button.
Below User Memberships, you will find Payment Information and Reported Problems. Payment Information will display the last 4 digits of a user's card on file and the type of card used. Reported problems will display any customer support issues reported by that specific user.
A user may become delinquent if a charge fails on their account. When a user is delinquent, they will be unable to start new rentals until their previous charge is paid. Their status will go back to normal if a charge is retried by the system and it succeeds.
If the user adds a new card, the system will retry any failed charges with the new card. If the charges are successful on the new card, their status will also go back to normal.

User Rentals

Beside their information tab is a Rentals tab that displays their rental history. With the search bar, you can filter your results by typing in the specific information you're looking for, categorized by the hardware number, the start and end time of the rental, and the charge of the rental.
Rentals Tab
Clicking an individual tab will bring up the Rental Details which will give you additional details of a rental such as the hardware number, time stamps, duration, and user rating.
Example of Rental Details