Feature Guide
The features you will find in the admin system and how to navigate them. Each tab will link you to that section in the guide.
In this section, we will cover the features of each tab located on the dashboard in detail. These features include:
Dashboard - The home screen with at-a-glance details about your system.
Users - A list of users within your system.
Rentals - A list of your active and previous rentals.
Hardware - A list of the available hardware within your system.
Locations - An expanded view of the dashboard map along with the specific names of your locations.
Customer Support - A list of all your open and closed customer inquiries.
Maintenance - A list of all the customer support tickets that need to be looked at.
Memberships - A list of all the active and pending memberships on your system.
Billing - An overview of all your financials.
Settings - A list of general settings, billing options, and system admin options.
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