Platform, 21.8


  • Added a new column on the rentals export named start_time_local and end_time_local that is populated based on the system timezone. See more here.
  • Added a new column on the billing export named created_time_local which will show what time the charge was created in the system timezone, more here.
  • Added system timezone to the Settings > General page. More about what that will influence here. Double-check your system timezone is set appropriately!
  • The Rentals Per Day graph on the Dashboard page will now show in the system timezone - you'll see it represented below the graph.
  • Likewise, the graphs in the Billing Overview page of Rental Charges & Membership Purchases by day and Charges by Month show the information in the system timezone.


  • Resolved an issue that led to crashing on the Maintenance app in Android.
  • Battery levels (if the lock supports it) show again in the Maintenance app.
  • Refund emails were not being sent but they now will. See more information about them in rentals and transactions.
  • Deployed a fix for the rentals export which did not contain the refund_amount value.
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