Bike Lockers

The Bike Lockers section displays each locker in your system by its assigned locker number. You can see the status of the locker as well as the location and power level. In the upper right hand side, you also have the option to add a new locker by clicking the + Add button.

When you add a locker, all you'll need to include is the number associated with that particular locker that users will see from the app, the location of the locker, and the lock assigned to it. When you are finished, click the submit button.

You can click on any individual locker to view additional settings. Check what day and time it was rented, what support tickets are tied to the locker, and a list of historical maintenance information. Lockers can be edited by clicking the edit button, which will give you the option to change the locker number, the location, and the lock. Retiring a rack will remove it from the system for users to access, but will remain on the admin side for your personal records.